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Pen Pal Policy

Please note: We no longer match pen pals nor do we have a list of our past pen pal matches. We supply the pen pal agreement as an archive for your reference.

It is unfortunate that we must have a disclaimer, but below is what you agree to when you join the pen pal swap. The pen pal swap is kept within Letter Writers Alliance (L.W.A.) members. By joining the swap you agree to act in a respectful manner and to not use this service for unlawful means. That being said, we do not filter who can become a member nor can we dictate what our members do in their personal lives.

In joining this swap you agree to be solely responsible for your communications with your pen pal and that the Letter Writers Alliance and its owners are not liable for any damages or loss that may occur due to your pen pal correspondence. You agree that the use of this service is at your sole risk. You consent to indemnify and hold harmless the L.W.A. from any claim, demand, or damage asserted by you or a third party due to your correspondence.

In return, the L.W.A. will match you with as many pen pals as you wish for free for as long as the organization is in service. The L.W.A. also agrees to keep your information safe and not share it with anyone other than the pen pals you requested. We will not sell your information or otherwise do anything evil or anything worthy of mustache-twirling with the information you have given us.

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