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Pigeon Post F.A.Q.s

Wait, I can actually mail it without putting it in a box and it gets there?
Yes, really. And Yes, it actually gets to its destination. It may gain some scuffs along the way, but it makes it to the recipient.

How does this actually work without putting the pigeon in a box?
It violates no postal regulations. The pigeon is not hazardous, fragile, or perishable. It weighs under 13oz., so it is still considered first class mail. Just because it isn't a rectangle doesn't mean it can't be mailed.

Can I mail it internationally?
No, unfortunately this pigeon does not fit within International postal regulations.

How much postage does it take to mail the bird?
It costs $3.09 to mail it First Class domestically. We give you the postage for the first mailing in the kit. The instructions also have the shipping cost listed for repeat mailings.

Does it actually fit in a corner mailbox?
Yes! Just hold it by the legs and put it back first into the mail slot.