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Pen Pal Swap

Membership & Pen Pal Requests are CLOSED.
The L.W.A. will not longer be an active organization after July 2020.

You can view details and our timeline on the blog post about this announcement.

New Pen Pals

We are no longer matching pen pals. We have a long list of recommended pen pal swaps and other letter writing organizations on our blog post, "Sincerely yours, The L.W.A." that you can use for your letter writing needs.

Old Pen Pals

If you have used our service in the past, we have kept the agreement and tips available as an archive for your reference. You may also find out Pen Pal FAQ useful.

Your Privacy

The L.W.A. agrees to keep your information safe and not share it with anyone other than the pen pals you requested. We will not sell your information or otherwise do anything evil or anything worthy of mustache-twirling with the information you have given us. View our privacy policy for more info on our information policies.