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Stamp Out Hate Stickers

$ 6.00

These stickers proclaim that hate is not something you want in your mail, nor would you send it to others. They are part of our program Stamp Out Hate, a campaign to send messages of support and hope to those who need it most. These come in a pack of 30. The design is slightly different now because they are on a paper strip rather than individual stickers.

Also, you can request stickers for free*. 

To get your free stickers, follow these instructions:

Send us a S.A.S.E. to:

Letter Writers Alliance  

Attn: Stamp Out Hate Stickers

PO Box 221168

Chicago, IL 60622

What's a S.A.S.E.?

It's a self addressed stamped envelope. Put your name, address, and a stamp on any size envelope. Then stick that inside another envelope with our PO Box address & a stamp, and toss it in the mail. You'll get 5 stickers for free to help inspire you and others. 


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