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Private & Small Group Workshops

Armed with their lifelong knowledge and passion of mail art, Kathy and Donovan have acquired many tips and tricks along the way. In order to help you to test the boundaries of what is considered mail, we offer private and small group workshops. If you would like to host one of these 1-3 hour workshops, we'd love to get you mail-arting.

The workshops include all materials so attendees have the tools and techniques they need so they can walk away with finished products they can start using immediately. There is a workshop here for everyone and all skill sets.

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Available Workshops

  • Fountain Pen 101
    Get to know all the tips and tricks of fountain pens with this hands on class. We'll walk you through the anatomy of this writing utensil in order to demystify and customize your writing experience. We will also teach you about the different pen styles, tricks to refilling, ink options, and taking care of your nib.
  • Mail Art 101: The Basics of Mail Art
    Expand your mail beyond paper and the 2D and turn your mail into an art form. You'll learn how to make your own envelopes out of various materials and how to mail almost anything through the post. This class will teach you how to push the limits of mail regulations and inspire you to make some show-stopping mail.
  • Mail Art 201: Translucency & Transparency
    Focused on some more advanced techniques to employ in your correspondence. We'll cover the use of printed tissue and textured papers, how to send small items in clear boxes, and other surprising ways to use layering of uncommon materials in your correspondence.
  • Embroidered Mail Art
    Learn how to embellish your mail with embroidery techniques! We'll show you how to bring needle and thread into your mail art with various stitches, as well as tricks to help your mail arrive intact.
  • Letter Writing Social
    We bring in typewriters, envelopes, rubber stamps, and other mail art supplies. You and your friends write letters to your hearts content. Great for bridal showers, birthdays, and bachelorette parties.
  • Mix & Mailology
    Workshops where we pair mixed drinks with related mail art. Some past workshops included Manhattan with Wax Seals and Hot Toddy with Mail Art.
  • Stamp Carving
    We explain the process and walk you through the steps of designing and creating a stamp to use in decorating your mail.

About your teachers

Kathy and Donovan has been in the mail art scene for over 15 years and each have their respective area of expertise. We've taught workshops in libraries, shops, secret societies, clubs, private homes, and bookstores. Over all these years and locations, we've taught many different topics that cannot all fit on the nice bullet list of available workshops. If you are interested in us leading a workshop for you but don't see your interest on the workshop list, just email us and we'll work with you.

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