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Pigeon Mascot Stationery & Sticker Set

$ 15.00

The pigeon is our official mascot here at the Letter Writers Alliance. This stationery is a celebration of that noble creature. Behold its majesty as it pecks at crumbs! What a marvelous bird! Although our flock is retired, you can still send your letters winging through the mail with this matching set.

The envelopes are all handmade by Donovan from a pattern designed by long-time L.W.A. friend Betsy Siber. The grey linen stationery sheets are a mixture of lined and blank and feature the feathered icons from the envelope design. The same birds are found on the matching stickers which could be used to seal the envelopes or as other decoration. 

For L.W.A. members, the pigeons are also available in rubber stamp form and you can purchase the stickers as a pack as well.

Note that due to their handmade nature, the envelopes are all a little different and they are not gummed. You'll need to use a glue stick or tape to seal them.

Set of 4 writing papers, 4 handmade envelopes, and 4 stickers
Sized at 5.5" x 8.5"

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