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L.W.A. Membership

$ 5.00

Membership comes with perks like exclusive free stationery downloads, a membership card, and L.W.A. badge. Since there are a plethora of prisoner pen pal organizations, membership is not available to those who are currently incarcerated.

Membership closes January 2020
The L.W.A. will no longer be an active organization after July 2020
(Read the timeline on our blog post)

Your Account

The email you use to pay with is the email your account is attached to. Please choose an email you want to use to log in with.

Digital Delivery

The L.W.A. membership is delivered digitally, which means you will get the membership card emailed to you with your welcome letter. Your member ID will be magically created by our servers, so you will be able to login to the member's site once one is created for you. This normally happens within 20 mins, but if our servers are running slow, it can be closer to 4 hours. Computers, what can you do?

Gift Membership

If you are giving this as a gift, you will get a two-page PDF download to either print and give to them or forward on to the lucky new member. The first page is a certificate that has a space for you to write your name and the giftee's name. The second page is their membership information and member card. Please include the giftee's email address, if you have it, so that we can set-up a member account for them.

Membership comes with login information, membership card, & welcome letter. Please view our FAQs and Help for answers to your burning questions.

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