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FAQs & Help

Membership Questions

General Questions

How long does membership last? Is there an annual fee to stay a member?

What name goes on my member card?

Do you email me my login information?

Do you accept members outside of the U.S.?

Do you keep an L.W.A. member register?

Do I get automatically matched with pen pals?

I don't want any pen pals, I just want to be a member. Can I do that?

Online Account and my Privacy

Login Problems & Lost Cards

My password isn't working, help!

I lost my card, what do I do?

Can I sign-up for the pen pal swap if I lost my card?

It says invalid or no account when I try to login!

It says my membership hasn't been linked to my online account!

Pen Pal Questions

Before Requesting a Pal

Do I need to wait for my membership to sign-up for the pen pal swap?

Is the Pen Pal Swap safe?

What policies or expectations do you have for pen pallers?

After getting matched-up

My pen pal and I don't have any similar interests, why did you match us?

I haven't heard from my second pal, what gives?

None of my pals are writing back to me!

My pen pal stopped writing

I want more pals!

Ordering, Payment, and Shipping

Ordering & Shipping

When can I expect my order?

What are your shipping prices?


What payments do you accept?